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Hello, I'm Guitarist Craig Smith.

I'm the Guitarist, Writer and Creator behind Lifein12Keys.com.

I'm a full-time Professional Guitarist working around the Orlando & Central Florida area. I play around 200+ live gigs per year in a wide variety of musical styles and situations. I have taught guitar lessons for over 25 years.

My wife Celeste and I (married 23 years!) live in Sanford, FL with our 4 Chihuahua's- Yngwie, Abigail, Princess Leia, and Rosita and our cat Sidney.

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About Guitarist & Author, Craig Smith

When I wrote my first guitar book, I took some proven ideas and methods I had used with my own guitar students and organized them into a book. Since the 1990s I was writing method books, yet, I never really knew what to do with them. I feel that nowadays, I’m finally getting it right.

Computers and the internet have greatly changed everything for aspiring authors, guitarists, and musicians across the world. I hope that I’m still learning and improving, both as a guitarist and a writer.

My first 4 books and website have changed my life. I feel luckier than ever to be able to play guitar live, and write for a living. I never take it for granted. That is why I must thank you, first and foremost.

Without you the guitarist, reader, student, music fan, with your own quest for knowledge, this would not be possible.

Thank YOU!

Craig W. Smith 2020