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Guitarists FAQ

1. Is the Free Guitar Printables download page back up and how do I access it?

Yes! I upgraded the website over the weekend. Downloads, books and the new Guitar Book Store are back up and faster than ever.

Subscribe to get access:

New Guitar Book Store:

1. Are the books, free lessons and courses downloadable?

All PDF books, audio examples, and Guitar Pro files are downloadable and included with:
The 7 Day Practice Routine
Classical Guitar – A Practical Guide Vol. 1

All of the free lessons in the Guitar Lesson Blog will include their own links and downloads.

2. I’ve lost my eBook and/or Guitar Pro Audio files, how can I get them back?
Just email me anytime and I’ll replace everything free of charge.

 3. Can I ask the author questions directly?

Of course! I answer every single email and am always happy to help you with any lessons or tricky parts in one of my books.

9. I don’t like eBooks, can I get a real paperback?

Of course! Check out my Author Page on All of my books are available in paperback and include FREE shipping for Amazon Prime members.

Also, keep in mind you can also get a free electronic copy of any physical book you’ve purchased anytime. Just email me.

10. I use Apple Books on my iPad. Are these available in the Apple Book Store?

The 7 Day Practice Routine on Apple Books
Classical Guitar – A Practical Guide on Apple Books

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