Ever wonder how the Pro Guitarists do it?
(...by practicing the right stuff)

Guitar practice routine

The 7 Day Practice Routine For Guitarists (90 pages)

  • A comprehensive and organized routine made for guitarists of any skill level.
  • Printable Chord, Scale and Arpeggio Charts and all of the music theory you need to use them.
  • Guitar Pro Audio Files & Lifetime FREE Replacement.
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You've been playing guitar for years but not making any real progress...

Maybe you've just started playing guitar and you're just not getting anywhere. There are a million websites, apps and books out there with 1000's of Chord, Scale and Arpeggio shapes... but nobody puts it all together and shows you how to actually use the stuff!

Or... You've been playing for YEARS and are stuck in a rut, not getting better, spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast.

Maybe... You're a Professional working, gigging, legit guitar player who just needs to brush up on Music Theory, Technique.... and wants it all in one inexpensive book.

"Look, you don't need to memorize 10,000 ridiculous shapes if you understand some basic theory. The theory will set you free."-  Guitarist & Author - Craig Smith

Do you know some Chords, Scales, and Arpeggios but play the same old tired licks when jamming with your band or friends? Want to get out of the box?

Guitar practice routine

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Finally.. an organized Guitar Practice Routine for everyone.

Music Theory For All

Not just a technique and practice manual. Each chapter includes in-depth Music Theory so you actually understand what you're playing.

Music Theory Simplified For Anyone.

Learn While You Burn

Tons of great exercises and workouts for both hands. Each days lesson includes TAB & Standard notation including chord, scale and arpeggio shape charts.

Shapes and Diagrams That Just Make Sense.

Technique as a Foundation

With a good technical foundation, everything you play becomes easier. Each lesson is designed to build strength and dexterity in both hands.

Technical Problems Solved.

Here’s what people are saying about the books...

Real testimonials from REAL guitarists. Former students, working professionals, total beginners... and even a Rock Star! I have some of the best reviewed material available. I'm so proud of these reviews and the amazing guitar players who offered their kind words. Here are just a few...

Matt Sickels

Guitarist, Teacher

"...changed the course of my guitar playing and my path in life..."

"When I was 11 years old I started taking guitar lessons from Craig after my dad heard him play. This dude changed the course of my guitar playing and my path in life. Thanks so much Craig for being an inspiration and a great role model for me as a young guitarist."

Corey Beaulieu

Guitarist - Trivium

"This book covers everything..."

"I used to watch Craig's old band in Orlando years ago before Trivium got signed.
His book is extremely well explained throughout. Any guitarist from beginner to an expert will find something here for them. Highly recommended."

TJ Scarlett

Session Ace

"If you're wanting to up your guitar game, check out this book..."

"Not only is Craig an absolutely killer guitarist, he's probably one of the most knowledgeable guys I've ever met on the instrument. Do yourself a favor and check out his website and his books. You can thank me later..."

Guitarist John Bradford

"...It's so easy to follow this practice routine..."

"I just printed it all and it looks amazing. I went straight to the Arpeggio section and have learned more in one day than years of private lessons. It's going to take me a while to absorb all of this awesome material"

- John Bradford (Touring Guitarist - NighTrain & Physical Graffiti)

"I wanted an organized practice routine for myself that I could do between my busy gig schedule..."

....the next thing I knew, I had written a 90 page book!

Guitarist Craig Smith

You know how people say "It's just like riding a bike, you never forget"? There's some science behind that.

Large motor-skill movements are much easier to retain and maintain throughout your life.. like riding a bike for example. Small motor-skill movements like playing a musical instrument, require some maintenance and daily work.

I've curated a wealth of material from teaching Guitar lessons over the years (27 years to be exact) and written some really effective music pieces to facilitate getting your hands (and brain) in shape in as little time as possible.

After the technical routine was finished, I filled the book out with all of the Music Theory required to get the most out of each day's lesson. 

Look, you don't need to memorize 10,000 ridiculous shapes if you know some basic guitar theory. The theory will set you free....and it's not difficult to learn!

Craig Smith - Guitarist & Author - Lifen12Keys.com

What's In The Routine.. What It Can Do for You:

Develop  Your Chops in an easy to follow Daily Routine.

"It's all in there... not just a bunch of meaningless exercises.. all of the theory too"

Each day's lesson includes all of the shapes, diagrams, music examples (TAB and Standard) and all of the music theory you need to get the most out of it all. All for less than the price of a 30 minute lesson!

villa lobos guitar piece

Crisp, High Quality .PDF  Files suitable for printing.

I've kept the book in B&W for the best print quality. Whenever possible, longer music examples are included on their own pages. Print only what you want to put on your music stand! 

  • Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Kindle, Blackberry compatible.
  • Works on any Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone.
  • Take it with you anywhere.

Guitar Pro 7.5 Ready!

Download the FREE optional Guitar Pro files to your computer or tablet. (Not required to use the book)

  • Edit the music directly or listen to any of the music examples.
  • Change tempo, sounds and make it your own masterpiece.
  • FREE Lifetime Updates. Download the files again anytime.

Guitarist Jeff LaRoche

"Dude, I'm jealous I didn't write this myself..."

"I'm 4 days in and my left hand feels like it could crush an anvil. I can't believe you're selling this so cheap. I would have paid 3x this man.. but thanks!"

- Jeff LaRoche (Pro Guitarist - RockitFly.com)

"Hi Craig, thanks for finally making sense of Chord Theory..."

"The way you explained 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th chords and how to build them by counting to 13 is genius. I've a bookshelf full of jazz and classical books that couldn't do what you did in 3 pages of text...."

- Steve Q (Beginner/Intermediate Guitarist on my Email List)

What You'll Get...

  • 90+ Pages of Chords, Scales, Arpeggios, and Music Theory for Guitarists.
  • Printable Chord, Scale, and Arpeggio Charts.
  • A comprehensive, easy to follow, 7 Day Practice Guide for Guitarists of any Skill Level.
  • Printable Musical Examples in TAB & Standard Notation.
  • Guitar Pro Files - Editable SOUND - MIDI - TAB - MUSIC Files.
  • Tons of Music Theory and Picking Exercises.
  • FREE Lifetime Updates (2021 v.3)
  • FREE Lifetime Replacement (eBook, and I guess my lifetime, not yours?)
  • FREE Email support (No really,  I'll answer questions any time)
  • BONUS - Guiliani’s 120 Arpeggio Studies!
  • BONUS - My Popular Modal Scale Workout (Over 10,000 downloads)
  • BONUS - Bach’s Bouree in E minor & Classical Fingerpicking Section
guitar practice routines

"Never. Stop. Tapping. Your. Foot. - Al DiMeola"

The 7 Day Practice Routine For Guitarists Available Now.

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Does it work? I thoroughly tested the guitar routine before publishing. This old guy got his chops up in just under 4 weeks of regular structured practice! You can too...(sorry for the shorts, it's Summer in Florida!) 

Guitarist Bryan Young

"I've been working on Tuesdays Modal Scale Workout...."

"... it's really good. Already notice changes doing that chromatic thing in Mondays routine too.. up to 12 and back then changing variables. When I was jamming last night my faster runs and fingers just worked somehow."

- Bryan Young (Intermediate Guitarist)

"Craig, I bought your book for my son on October 29th. Just wanted to let you know how much he loves it..He's 15 and said his other books are too old fashioned and yours really hit home with him. He walks around with it on his iPad all the time now"

- Cheryl J. (One of the first people to buy the book and on my Email list)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

The thing I love most about the internet; You just can't fake it. You can't fake good reviews and you can't get real people to say good things about your products unless they're good!

Since 2018 when I started selling my guitar books online, I've never had a bad review. I've never had anyone ask for a refund. I've never had anything but positive feedback and friendly conversations with guitarists just like you.

I answer every text, phone call and email and I LOVE to talk about guitar music, learning and what I can do to make you better. If for any reason you are not satisfied let me know.

Call, text or email anytime!

Craig W. Smith 2021




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Author's Note

When I wrote my first book, I took some proven ideas and methods I had used with my own guitar students and organized them into a method book. Since the 1990s I was writing method books, yet, I never really knew what to do with them. I feel that with this one, I’m finally getting it right.

Computers and the internet have greatly changed everything for aspiring authors, guitarists and musicians across the world. I hope that I’m still learning and improving, both as a guitarist and a writer.

My first 3 books and website have changed my life. I feel luckier than ever to be able to play guitar live, and write for a living. I never take it for granted. That is why I must thank you, first and foremost.

Without you the reader, student, music fan, with your own quest for knowledge, this would not be possible.


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