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Game of Thrones Series Finale – How it Could Have ended

In Lifestyle, Reviews, Uncategorizedby Craig Smith6 Comments

Sunday night’s Game of Thrones Series finale left millions of fans gasping a collective “what the actual F$*K?”… this fan included. I’m not ready to sign a petition for a Game of Thrones Season 8 do-over like many millions of fans have today, yet I can’t escape the feeling that the entire episode, perhaps even the entire season was half-baked. I’m not alone. Every news outlet from The New York Times, Time Magazine, The Washington …

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10 Essential Guitar Albums

In Guitar Lessons, Music, Reviewsby Craig Smith1 Comment

I love lists! There are so many ‘greatest guitarist’ and ‘greatest guitar album’ lists out there, why should you care about mine? The biggest fault I see is in the lack of diversity found in most. When making a greatest guitar music album list, I think it’s essential to cross into different genres of music and cover as many techniques as possible. ….and why does the music all have to be from the 20th century …

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Flamenco Guitar Lesson and Interview – Berto Boyd

In Guitar Lessons, Music, Reviewsby Craig Smith2 Comments

I came across Flamenco and Classical Guitarist, Berto Boyd, on Facebook a while back through our mutual friend and guitarist, Ben Woods. I admire anyone who (like me) is able to make a living playing guitar at any level. I’m also just a huge fan and admirer of Flamenco guitar in general and it’s not something I’ve covered yet here on Life In 12 Keys. Berto has a passion, depth and sophistication in his playing …

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Metallica …And Justice For All – Turns 30!

In Music, Reviews, Vinylby Craig Smith4 Comments

Metallica …And Justice For All Turns 30 30 Years!? I can’t believe it! Fall of 1988. I was a Senior in High-School in Stow, Ohio. We had just seen Metallica completely destroy all of the bands on the Monsters of Rock Tour that Summer at the Akron Rubber Bowl. Van Halen, The Scorpions, Dokken… all great bands sure.. but everyone was there to see Metallica. I remember at one point during the concert James Hetfield …

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Jason Becker – Perpetual Burn on Vinyl!

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Album Reviews – Jason Becker – Perpetual Burn (1988) It’s really hard to believe that this record is 30 years old!  I just picked up the 30th Anniversary Reissue on “Hot Pink” vinyl off of I was a bit concerned about ordering an actual vinyl record online due to the fragility of the record itself and the current climate, (August in Florida!). As usual Amazon came through with excellent packaging and timely Prime delivery in …