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Why A Lack Of Camera Skill Could Kill Your Blog

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When you were considering the things you might need as a blogger, camera skills probably didn’t rank very high on your list. Instead, most of us focus on things like niche topics and a winning way with words, theme layout, epic content…You know; the obvious stuff. In reality, though, it won’t take you long to find that camera skills are just as crucial for the success of your blog. Strange, we know, but, that’s the … Read More

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Is Blogging Dead?

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A few years ago I read somewhere that ‘Blogging is dead’. Like so many other “bubbles” that have come and gone, Blogging peaked, burst and then ceased to be a viable way to make money as a side hustle. Or did it? When we started this Blog in August 2018 we had been looking at what other people were doing in different niches. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Case Study #1: Michelle from Making Sense … Read More

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7 Day Guitar Practice Routine – #3 Arpeggios

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Hey it’s Arpeggio day! This week we’re going to change it up by doing some Arpeggio sequences. If you missed the first 2 installments you can find them here: 7 Day Practice Routine: Day 1 – Warmups 7 Day Practice Routine: Day 2 – Modal Workout If you’re new to the routine, I highly recommend reading the first one that includes important instructions on how to practice the right way every time you pick up … Read More

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Sanfording #3 – Anniversary Adventures in Sanford

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Fuel BBQ & The Alley Last weekend we started off #Sanfording at Fuel BBQ / The Alley (Corner of Park & 2nd Street). I love any excuse to get in there and get some awesome BBQ, but Saturday I had the best excuse of all – My Acoustic Duo (Acoustic Inferno) was playing 4-8 P.M. There was a Bike Run going on for a guy who was in an accident. They were raising some money … Read More

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Yoga For Old Dudes – An Introduction to my Yoga Life

In Lifestyle, Yoga by Craig Smith13 Comments

Getting old sucks. Period. Sometime around 40 my body started to fail me in a number of ways. Sure, my knees have been bothering me for years from jumping around on stage playing guitar in Rock bands… but it was my shoulder that was really bothering me. I’ve talked to a number of Guitarist friends who have similar problems. In my business, musicians vary widely in their levels of fitness. In our 40’s a lot … Read More

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7 Day Guitar Practice Routine – Part 2 Tuesday

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Guitar Mode Workout In case you missed last weeks article: The 7 Day Practice Routine …Definitely check it out as it’s a great place to start before moving to this weeks Tuesday Guitar Practice Routine. Tuesday’s routine is a bit more involved and includes my Modal Workout. This exercise utilizes each of the 7 Diatonic Modal shapes including alternate picking variations, legato and arpeggios. If you’re an advanced Guitarist and want to get right at … Read More

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Authentic Gyro Meat at Home – Paco’s Recipe

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So, let me start by saying… this was not the article I planned to write today. Furthermore, this isn’t really a cooking and recipe website. I do love to cook, and of course I love to eat even more, but it’s far from what I would consider my niche. That being said, it probably won’t be my last recipe article. I genuinely enjoy writing about food and cooking. I’m not great at it, but I … Read More