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Halloween Pet Costumes

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My wife Celeste came up with the idea for this article. Halloween is probably our favorite time of the year, or at least a close 2nd to Christmas time. As usual, she’s getting started on the Halloween shopping early. Pumpkins and decorations are already showing up in the stores and my Amazon Prime account is about to get blow’d up with purchases. We love the Fall here in Florida. Contrary to popular belief, the leaves … Read More

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Sanford – #Sanfording Numero Dos – Photography Fail

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Wait until you see all of the amazing pictures I didn’t take this past weekend #Sanfording. While we had another epic weekend with great (albeit hot) weather, I once again failed to capture many a great Sanford photo-op. #ThanksVodka I should have known better. Acoustic Inferno (My Acoustic Duo) had a gig on Sunday from 1-5 P.M. downtown at The Breezeway on 1st Street. I got a few nice shots (photos, not tequila) early before … Read More

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5 Books Every Guitarist Should Own

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In the age of Youtube videos and Learning Apps on our devices, the online community has created a sort of overload of information (and misinformation) when it comes to learning just about anything. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in online Guitar Lessons, Apps, Tabs (that are almost always wrong) and the over-population of so-called ‘experts’ seemingly everywhere online. Enough already! Below is an excellent list of BOOKS, yes I said books, that I guarantee … Read More

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#Sanfording – Boozy Birthday Adventures in Sanford

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We had a great time #Sanfording this weekend for my wife Celeste’s Birthday. I’ve decided to start doing a little more picture taking while we’re down there since we always have an absolute blast no matter where we go. For those of you reading this who may not be local to Central Florida, #Sanfording is a relatively new term describing the adventurers of hanging out in the very hip town of Sanford. Particularly, the downtown … Read More

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A Man and His Dog – Part 1

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A.K.A. : Rosita the Incredible Spinach Eating Chihuahua (who stole my heart). It’s hard to believe its been a year since our 14 year-old Catahoula mix Haley died. As pet owners (and dog lovers) its never an easy thing to discuss or come to terms with. We know its going to happen and we do our best to prepare ourselves mentally for the inevitable. “If we’re lucky we have 10-15 years with them that we … Read More

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Jason Becker – Perpetual Burn on Vinyl!

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Album Reviews – Jason Becker – Perpetual Burn (1988) It’s really hard to believe that this record is 30 years old!  I just picked up the 30th Anniversary Reissue on “Hot Pink” vinyl off of I was a bit concerned about ordering an actual vinyl record online due to the fragility of the record itself and the current climate, (August in Florida!). As usual Amazon came through with excellent packaging and timely Prime delivery in … Read More

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How I Changed My Bad Morning Habits : Morning Vinyl

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How I changed my Morning Routine with Music. In another recent article (Is Facebook Poisoning Our Relationships), I discussed how changing up my morning routine has greatly improved my productivity and overall state of mind. I replaced TV and Social Media (Facebook in particular) with listening to music. Sounds simple right? It was actually a bit harder than it sounds. My normal morning routine consisted of coffee, CNN and posting on Facebook. Not just posting … Read More

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Monetizing my Blog – Where I’m Writing Today #1

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Should I Monetize My Blog? As much as I enjoy writing, sometimes its nice to get away from the usual places that I always tend to do it. Changing up the background scenery can often lead to new ideas, boost creativity and make me more productive. Today I’m working on my buddy Paco’s porch in Sanford, Florida. It has a nice view and a very comfortable chair and table from which to work. It is … Read More

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Gringo Street Tacos

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Gringo – GriNG-go Noun-Informal. (in Spanish-speaking countries and contexts, chiefly in the Americas) a Gringo is a person, especially an American, who is not Hispanic or Latino.) Smith Family Taco History Somewhere along the timeline of my life, between lets say, pizza and lobster … tacos became my absolute favorite food. I mean c’mon, they’re so delicious and diverse.. and most of the time pretty healthy too. Nowadays we have fish tacos, shrimp tacos, veggie tacos … Read More