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Is Blogging Dead?

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A few years ago I read somewhere that ‘Blogging is dead’. Like so many other “bubbles” that have come and gone, Blogging peaked, burst and then ceased to be a viable way to make money as a side hustle. Or did it? When we started this Blog in August 2018 we had been looking at what other people were doing in different niches. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Case Study #1: Michelle from Making Sense …

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Monetizing my Blog – Where I’m Writing Today #1

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Should I Monetize My Blog? As much as I enjoy writing, sometimes its nice to get away from the usual places that I always tend to do it. Changing up the background scenery can often lead to new ideas, boost creativity and make me more productive. Today I’m working on my buddy Paco’s porch in Sanford, Florida. It has a nice view and a very comfortable chair and table from which to work. It is …