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Easy Tips For Bloggers To Manage Documents

In Blogging, Tech by Joe Weintraub

If you’re growing your blog as a business, you will end up having to handle lots of different documents, from contracts with clients to invoices. Keeping all those documents in order can soon become a difficult thing to manage. Keep on top of them with these tips.  If you create a lot of documents, you can use a tool like to make sure they’re the same every time. But how can you manage them …

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8 Must-Have Tech Gadget Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

In Gadgets, Tech by Joe WeintraubLeave a Comment

Everyone loves a good gadget. Gone are the days when this stuff was just for the guy in your life: A.K.A. MANTOYS. Electronics and the tech gadgets that we love are getting smaller and more accessible than ever before. From something that you use every day, to things we carry around everywhere with us, there is a huge range of fun stuff to choose from. They are becoming such a big part of our life …

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Monetizing my Blog – Where I’m Writing Today #1

In Blogging, Tech by Craig SmithLeave a Comment

Should I Monetize My Blog? As much as I enjoy writing, sometimes its nice to get away from the usual places that I always tend to do it. Changing up the background scenery can often lead to new ideas, boost creativity and make me more productive. Today I’m working on my buddy Paco’s porch in Sanford, Florida. It has a nice view and a very comfortable chair and table from which to work. It is …

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5 Reasons to Check Out the New Apple TV 4K

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Why I Like Apple StuffI know that no OS or iOS is perfect, however I am a fan of the Apple products for what I feel are several legitimate reasons. For me its not about the tech so much as it is about quality of life. Things that make my life easier, more productive and less cluttered are important to me. Fun is also a big plus! I like starting something on my MacBook and finishing …