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Gringo Street Tacos

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Gringo – GriNG-go Noun-Informal. (in Spanish-speaking countries and contexts, chiefly in the Americas) a Gringo is a person, especially an American, who is not Hispanic or Latino.) Smith Family Taco History Somewhere along the timeline of my life, between lets say, pizza and lobster … tacos became my absolute favorite food. I mean c’mon, they’re so delicious and diverse.. and most of the time pretty healthy too. Nowadays we have fish tacos, shrimp tacos, veggie tacos …

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Is Facebook Poisoning Our Relationships?

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 I think it happens to everyone at some point in their lives. You get into a routine that is unhealthy. Whether it be physically, spiritually or mentally you know it’s not good for you and it’s bringing you down, but you do it anyways.  I think a good place to start changing some of these bad habits are with your mornings. One of the things I did to vastly improve my mornings and overall …

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5 Reasons to Check Out the New Apple TV 4K

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Why I Like Apple StuffI know that no OS or iOS is perfect, however I am a fan of the Apple products for what I feel are several legitimate reasons. For me its not about the tech so much as it is about quality of life. Things that make my life easier, more productive and less cluttered are important to me. Fun is also a big plus! I like starting something on my MacBook and finishing …