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10 Ways To Get Your Kids To Appreciate Good Music

In Lifestyle, Musicby Joe WeintraubLeave a Comment

Getting your kids to appreciate good music can start as early as in the womb. Many parents-to-be report excited kicks coming from their tummy when singing to their unborn babies or playing good music. Music can bring great joy and speak to the soul – not only that, it has many benefits that can seriously improve quality of life. Music increases brain power and memory, gives kids a form of artistic expression, improves creativity, can …

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Game of Thrones Series Finale – How it Could Have ended

In Lifestyle, Reviews, Uncategorizedby Craig Smith6 Comments

Sunday night’s Game of Thrones Series finale left millions of fans gasping a collective “what the actual F$*K?”… this fan included. I’m not ready to sign a petition for a Game of Thrones Season 8 do-over like many millions of fans have today, yet I can’t escape the feeling that the entire episode, perhaps even the entire season was half-baked. I’m not alone. Every news outlet from The New York Times, Time Magazine, The Washington …

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Puppy Pitfalls to Avoid With Your New Pet

In Lifestyle, Petsby Joe Weintraub2 Comments

Adding a puppy to the family is always such an exciting time. Your new pet is sure to bring you and your family plenty of laughs, love and years of pure joy. Let’s face it though, a puppy can be a huge responsibility, and if you neglect some important things in the early few weeks and months, you can pay the price throughout the rest of your dog’s life. Destruction, chewing, barking, aggression, fear, and …

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Adding a Dog To Your Family

In Lifestyle, Petsby Joe Weintraub3 Comments

Whether you’ve been thinking of adding a dog to your family for a while, or you have suddenly decided that now is the right time to add a furry friend to your home, you might be wondering what you should know about becoming a pet parent. The important thing to remember is that pets are for life, and they’re not something that you can get and then get bored of. If you’re going to take …

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The Healing Power of Pets

In Lifestyle, Petsby Joe WeintraubLeave a Comment

The healing power of animals has been used by humans for a very long time. Whether they are being used a simple way to keep you calm, work towards recovery, or as a tool when you can’t do things for yourself, this sort of relationship is very important to a lot of people, including the Authors of this Blog. It can take time to build this sort of connection, though, making it important that you …

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Loving Your Pups (Even When It Gets Expensive)

In Lifestyle, Petsby Joe Weintraub2 Comments

We all know, or should know, that welcoming a dog into the household is a big responsibility, and it can be difficult. It can be both physically and emotionally trying. However, for most of us, the sacrifices we sometimes make is more than worth it for the pups we love. It can also be financially trying, too, however. There are a lot of costs that simply can’t be avoided as a dog owner and some …

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Yoga For Old Dudes – An Introduction to my Yoga Life

In Lifestyle, Yogaby Craig Smith13 Comments

Getting old sucks. Period. Sometime around 40 my body started to fail me in a number of ways. Sure, my knees have been bothering me for years from jumping around on stage playing guitar in Rock bands… but it was my shoulder that was really bothering me. I’ve talked to a number of Guitarist friends who have similar problems. In my business, musicians vary widely in their levels of fitness. In our 40’s a lot …

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Authentic Gyro Meat at Home – Paco’s Recipe

In Lifestyle, Recipesby Craig SmithLeave a Comment

So, let me start by saying… this was not the article I planned to write today. Furthermore, this isn’t really a cooking and recipe website. I do love to cook, and of course I love to eat even more, but it’s far from what I would consider my niche. That being said, it probably won’t be my last recipe article. I genuinely enjoy writing about food and cooking. I’m not great at it, but I …

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#Sanfording – Boozy Birthday Adventures in Sanford

In #Sanfording, Lifestyleby Craig SmithLeave a Comment

We had a great time #Sanfording this weekend for my wife Celeste’s Birthday. I’ve decided to start doing a little more picture taking while we’re down there since we always have an absolute blast no matter where we go. For those of you reading this who may not be local to Central Florida, #Sanfording is a relatively new term describing the adventurers of hanging out in the very hip town of Sanford. Particularly, the downtown …

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How I Changed My Bad Morning Habits : Morning Vinyl

In Lifestyle, Music, Vinylby Craig Smith3 Comments

How I changed my Morning Routine with Music. In another recent article (Is Facebook Poisoning Our Relationships), I discussed how changing up my morning routine has greatly improved my productivity and overall state of mind. I replaced TV and Social Media (Facebook in particular) with listening to music. Sounds simple right? It was actually a bit harder than it sounds. My normal morning routine consisted of coffee, CNN and posting on Facebook. Not just posting …