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7 Day Guitar Practice Routine – Day 4 -Scales

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Welcome to Day 4 of my 7 Day Practice Routine for Guitarists! Today we’re going to focus on something a little obvious. SCALES. Don’t click away just yet. I know it can be a daunting and often boring part of your guitar practice routine.. but seriously… Scales need some love too and they can be super fun. In case you missed the previous articles, you may want to check out: Day 1 – A 7 … Read More

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7 Day Guitar Practice Routine – #3 Arpeggios

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Hey it’s Arpeggio day! This week we’re going to change it up by doing some Arpeggio sequences. If you missed the first 2 installments you can find them here: 7 Day Guitar Practice Routine: Day 1 – Warmups 7 Day Guitar Practice Routine: Day 2 – Modal Workout If you’re new to the routine, I highly recommend reading the first one that includes important instructions on how to practice the right way every time you … Read More

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Guitar Practice Routine – Modal Scales for Guitar

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Guitar Mode Workout In case you missed last weeks article: The 7 Day Guitar Practice Routine …Definitely check it out as it’s a great place to start before moving to this weeks Tuesday Guitar Practice Routine. Tuesday’s routine is a bit more involved and includes my Modal Workout. This exercise utilizes each of the 7 Diatonic Modal shapes including alternate picking variations, legato and arpeggios. If you’re new to modes or do not yet have the … Read More

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5 Books Every Guitarist Should Own

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In the age of Youtube videos and Learning Apps on our devices, the online community has created a sort of overload of information (and misinformation) when it comes to learning just about anything. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in online Guitar Lessons, Apps, Tabs (that are almost always wrong) and the over-population of so-called ‘experts’ seemingly everywhere online. Enough already! Below is an excellent list of BOOKS, yes I said books, that I guarantee … Read More

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Jason Becker – Perpetual Burn on Vinyl!

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Album Reviews – Jason Becker – Perpetual Burn (1988) It’s really hard to believe that this record is 30 years old!  I just picked up the 30th Anniversary Reissue on “Hot Pink” vinyl off of I was a bit concerned about ordering an actual vinyl record online due to the fragility of the record itself and the current climate, (August in Florida!). As usual Amazon came through with excellent packaging and timely Prime delivery in … Read More

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How I Changed My Bad Morning Habits : Morning Vinyl

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How I changed my Morning Routine with Music. In another recent article (Is Facebook Poisoning Our Relationships), I discussed how changing up my morning routine has greatly improved my productivity and overall state of mind. I replaced TV and Social Media (Facebook in particular) with listening to music. Sounds simple right? It was actually a bit harder than it sounds. My normal morning routine consisted of coffee, CNN and posting on Facebook. Not just posting … Read More