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Classical Guitar - A Practical Guide Vol. 1

An introduction to the history, techniques, and music of the classical guitar. (129 pages TAB + Standard Notation)
Classical Guitar Method
The music of J.S. Bach, Fernando Sor, Ferdinand Carulli, Matteo Carcassi, Dionisio Aguado and more...
  • 25 Etudes with accompanying lessons.
  • A Daily Practice Routine for both hands.
  • Classical Guitar Primer for beginners to advanced guitarists.
  • Guiliani’s 120 Right Hand Studies complete.
  • Detailed analysis of classical guitar music including art, history, composer bios and more.
  • mp3 Audio Files
  • Guitar Pro 7.5 Files with audio.
  • Full color, high resolution .PDF compatible with any computer, smart phone or tablet.

    ISBN: 978-1-7351548-0-0

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Guitar Practice Routine

Music Theory For All Guitarists.

Not just a technique and guitar practice website. Each free guitar lesson or eBook chapter includes in-depth Music Theory so you actually understand what you're playing.

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Tons of great guitar exercises and workouts for both hands. Each days lesson includes TAB & Standard notation including chord, scale and arpeggio shape charts.

Shapes and Diagrams That Just Make Sense.

Guitar Technique as a Foundation.

With a good technical guitar foundation, everything you play becomes easier. Each guitar lesson is designed to build strength and dexterity in both hands.

Technical Problems Solved.

...changed the course of my guitar playing and my path in life..."

...when I was 11 years old I started taking guitar lessons from Craig after my dad heard him play. This dude changed the course of my guitar playing and my path in life. Thanks so much Craig for being an inspiration and a great role model for me as a young guitarist and Shredi...

Matt Sickels

Pro Guitarist, Teacher, Studio Ace & Former Student

Guitarist Matt Sickels

"I wanted an organized Guitar Practice Routine for myself that I could do between my busy gig schedule..."

....the next thing I knew, I built a website and wrote a 90 page book...

Guitarist Craig Smith

You know how people say "It's just like riding a bike, you never forget"? There's some science behind that.

Large motor-skill movements are much easier to retain and maintain throughout your life.. like riding a bike for example. Small motor-skill movements like playing guitar or a musical instrument, require some maintenance and daily work.

I've curated a wealth of material from teaching Guitar lessons over the years (27 years to be exact) and written some really effective guitar music pieces to facilitate getting your hands (and brain) in shape in as little time as possible.

After the technical routine was finished, I filled the book out with all of the Guitar Music Theory required to get the most out of each day's lesson. 

Look, you don't need to memorize 10,000 ridiculous shapes if you know some basic guitar theory. The theory will set you free....and it's not difficult to learn!

Craig Smith - Guitarist & Author - The 7 Day Guitar Practice Routine &

If you're wanting to up your Guitar game, you need to get his book...."

...Not only is Craig an absolutely killer guitarist, he's probably one of the most knowledgeable guys I've ever met on the instrument. Do yourself a favor and check out his website and his book. You can thank me later...

Tj Scarlett Guitarist

T.J. Scarlett

Pro Guitarist, Teacher, Session Player