Independent Guitar Career

How To Make Your Independent Music Career A Success

In Music by Joe Weintraub

Having your own business in music is exciting. You can go into various fields to enjoy your passion, entertain, and teach guitar or music others. However, as it is quite a crowded industry, you might need help to turn your music business into a great success. But don’t worry, as this guide will help.

Whether you are a music tutor teaching students to learn to play an instrument or a musician who tours around the country, here is how to make your independent music career a success.

Spend Time Learning Your Musical Craft

Investing in music lessons, books, videos, online lessons, guitar lessons , top online violin lessons, and even live jam sessions will make you a more well-rounded and valuable musician in your local music scene. Having the skills to read music, play instruments as well as the ability to write and record with the latest technology will always ensure you are working between gigs.

Upgrade your Music Website

Every business will benefit from having a website. It allows new customers to find you and for existing ones to book your services. 

If you already have a music website, you could benefit from upgrading it. Redesigning the layout, creating fresh blog posts, and updating your imagery could be what you need to refresh the site and make it more of a hit with customers. 

Independent Music Career

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These measures can take little time and money to achieve. Yet, you can achieve great results. For instance, you can find stock images for sale, which will be more affordable than hiring a photographer to help you create the images. This is inexpensive and a great way to make your website more professional. 

Connect With Your Fans

Becoming more successful as a musician is possible if you connect with your fans. Knowing more about a musician will make them more relatable and a joy to listen to. Therefore, ensure to connect with fans at gigs and engage with them on social media. The greater your communication is, the more trust your fans can have in you.

Play What You Enjoy

Although you might think your fans enjoy a certain style of music and want to hear certain things, it is important to play what and how you want to play. You must play what you enjoy the most to be authentic and genuine. The more genuine you are and enjoy playing, the more loyal and connected fans will be. 

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Fans should appreciate and respect your favorite way of playing. You will find your truest and most loyal fans when you are yourself. You will find the most enjoyment and freedom when you play how you want. 

Don’t Wait Around For A Record Label

Some musicians will believe that to be successful means signing with a record label. However, that isn’t the case. You do not need to be signed by a label to achieve the most success. You might be able to attain more success going solo.

No record label will knock on your door with a ticket to success. You need to work for your success in the music industry. Putting energy into your music and playing music for your own enjoyment will soon pay off.

Take Advantage Of Streaming Platforms

There are multiple streaming platforms that you can use to share your music with new fans. If you do not share your music on streaming platforms, you won’t maximize the potential of your success.


Sharing your music on streaming platforms will allow your name and music to be discoverable by new audiences. In time, you could enhance your success and awareness by sharing your new music on these platforms. 


Network With Other Musicians

Like in any industry, it will do your music career wonders if you network. The more people you know, the more opportunities you might attain. You never know what people you could bump into at such events. You could find a record label to sign to from attending an event, or you might find a musician to collaborate with. 

So many amazing opportunities can come from meeting new people in the industry. It is about putting your name out there and seeing what opportunities arise. 

Take advantage of live opportunities. 

Whether you want to be a tutor or play your music to an audience, it will benefit you greatly if you take advantage of live opportunities.