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4 Tips for Expanding Your Musical Taste

In Interviews and Insights by Craig Smith

Having the ability to deeply enjoy music is a gift that not everyone possesses. If you’re one of the lucky ones, it’s in your interest to nurture that gift by listening to as great a variety of music as possible. It’s nice to enjoy our old favorites, sure, but there’s magic in pushing ourselves to try new sounds. It’s part of your musical evolution — in any case, you won’t lose the ability to listen to old songs just because you discover new ones! 

….But we know it can be difficult to find new music. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips that’ll help to broaden your musical horizons

Who’s In Town?

If you live in a big city, or just one that hosts a lot of concerts, then it’s worthwhile looking to see which artists are coming to give a performance. You don’t have to only go to shows of bands that you like! If the ticket price is reasonable, then why not get a ticket and see what they have to offer? For the full experience, look at buying tickets for an artist you know nothing about and go into the show musically blind. 

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See What Music Other People Like

You know what you like, but what about other people? If everyone seems to be listening to a new artist, then you can be confident that they’re pretty good. There are multiple ways to get an idea of what other people are listening to. There are music forums, for example, where people discuss new music that they’ve been listening to. You could also browse the best music torrent sites, to see which artists are popular. There’s no guarantee that you’ll love all of the new music that you come across, but, chances are, you’ll find something that you like.

Hit the Market 

There’s much to love about digital streaming, but it can’t do everything for your musical journey. For one thing, many artists who made it big before Spotify took over get left behind. Thankfully, you can find them at a flea market. People are always selling old CDs, cassettes, and records. For next to no money, you can go home with a big pile of new music to discover. Much of what you buy might not be to your taste, but you’ll come across something worthwhile every now and again — and you can always resell the stuff you don’t like. 

Pay Attention 

Finally, get into the habit of walking around with your ears open. Take a walk through a city and you’ll hear many, many songs. If it’s something that you think you might like, then use Shazam to get the name of the song. Once you’re back home, you can listen again and, if you like it, see what other songs the artist has made. If you’re really looking for the best music, go to places that play quality music rather than standard playlists — record shops and hipster bars are good for that kind of thing.