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Performing Artists and Mental Health During COVID

In Music by Craig Smith

Performing artists are probably on the top list of professionals greatly affected by Covid 19. For over a year, life has never been the same as many entertainment spots shut their doors, affecting the artists’ livelihood. Many performing artists started 2020 with a fully booked schedule to wake up one day to a lockdown that led to a total cancellation of most events booked for the year. 

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The virus itself has been scary, but there is another monster looming behind the scenes. As a result of disruption to work schedule, daily life, isolation and quarantine, many performing artists live with anxiety and other mental health problems. How can you, as a performing artist, make the situation better? 

Take the Time to Learn Something New 

Probably you’ve always wanted to perfect your musical skills. You now have a chance to learn something new or perfect your skills. When your mind is occupied or taking steps to improve your life, you tend to be happier, hopeful and at peace with who you are. You probably wanted to write new songs, slow down a bit, relax with family, or learn to play the piano or guitar. Don’t let this chance slip away, but download sheet music to improve your skills whether you want to horn your piano, guitar or chords’ talent.

If you’ve always wanted to do something different, start the baby steps now. It can be anything like trying out new dishes, spending more time at your home gym or doing more indoor activities with your family, such as learning new music skills together. 

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Don’t Be Too Harsh On Yourself

Probably you’ll not be earning as much as you did before but be assured that almost everyone worldwide is in the same predicament. The assuring part is that this is not going to last forever. However, you need to plan your finances better and make some adjustments to avoid running into debt or struggle to provide for your family’s basic needs. If you’ve made it through 2020, which was the most challenging year, you are stronger and better prepared to face 2021 and the challenges ahead. 


Even if you cannot organize live shows like before, you can hold virtual performances and interact more with your audience. 2021 is a year to build stronger relationships with your audience, understand their expectations and improve your skills. Also, check ways you can diversify and grow your income, like offering online music classes. 

Speak Out, Get Help

Performing artists don’t have a guaranteed salary, and the lockdown has hit them the hardest. When going through a rough patch, don’t sink into depression but talk to someone. It’s easy to slip into substance abuse, recognize the signs and act fast. You don’t have to fight or go through the struggles alone. 

The Covid 19 era has been a difficult one for everyone. There are lessons to learn and things you wish you did differently, but the most important thing to do right now is to safeguard your sanity and overall health. This too shall pass, but how you make it through matters most.