Sanford – #Sanfording Numero Dos – Photography Fail

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Wait until you see all of the amazing pictures I didn’t take this past weekend #Sanfording.

While we had another epic weekend with great (albeit hot) weather, I once again failed to capture many a great Sanford photo-op.


I should have known better. Acoustic Inferno (My Acoustic Duo) had a gig on Sunday from 1-5 P.M. downtown at The Breezeway on 1st Street.
I got a few nice shots (photos, not tequila) early before anyone arrived while I was setting up… and… well, that’s about it.

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The Breezeway looking onto 1st Street Sanford, Florida:

The Breezeway Sanford

We play at The Breezeway typically 3-4 Sundays per month and we always have a blast. My wife Celeste fed the dogs a little early and came down around 3 P.M.

This system seems to work out for us better lately since we almost always end up staying downtown #Sanfording longer than we ever plan to. This way the dog’s are fed and we can party a little longer after the gig.

I mean, I feel like I’m going to spontaneously combust, so I can’t imagine being covered in fur.

Celeste will drop me off around noon to setup the equipment. She’ll go home, chill out, feed the dogs and head up later. Problem solved.
It’s way too hot to bring the dogs out for long excursions right now. We’ll probably start that routine again next month when it cools down a bit.

With Fall coming up and our favorite holiday (Halloween) around the corner, we’ll be down there with the dogs on my days off as often as possible.

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El Zocalo Mexican Restaurant

After a few too many Tito’s and Sodas we decided to try a new Sanford restaurant.

….wait… just kidding.

We went to El Zocalo for Mexican again. I think this is like 6 weeks in a row. (Yes, It’s that good.)
Look, I’m not making excuses, but we just love it there. Plus, we are a lot more health conscious these days, so when we DO go out to eat, it had better be epic. The rest of the week we’re eating boring salads and healthy crap.

Although, what we typically get at El Zocalo isn’t necessarily unhealthy if we avoid the cheesy stuff, but not this week.

In case you missed the picture of Molcajete last week:


I still haven’t tried that Molcajete yet, but I’m going to! Sometimes you just want some damn tacos, ya know? I just love that picture and since I didn’t get any good ones this week you get to see it again.
As usual the salsa & chips are always fresh (ask for their homemade hot), the best Guacamole anywhere, and the servers are wonderful.

We like to sit outside on their little patio area. We can vape and people-watch facing Sanford Avenue. My favorite is watching people parallel park poorly.

Even though it’s a bit steamy right now, the overhead fans on the patio keep it tolerable.
We had the Queso Fundido for an appetizer.
It’s a hot cast-iron skillet filled with melted cheese and chorizo sausage served with warm soft flour tortillas. Stop!
Not something you’d want to eat everyday, but fantastic nonetheless.

Celeste and I went with our usual stand-bys. She had grilled chicken Tostadas and I had 2 Shrimp tacos and 2 grilled chicken street (Mexican style) Tacos.

El Zocalo’s grilled chicken ordered in any dish is spectacular.

The seasoning on that grilled chicken!? I’d love to work up the nerve one day to ask what they do to it. I consider myself to be a taco connoisseur and a master of grilling chicken, but mine never tasted this good.

Their shrimp tacos are a recent discovery for me. I’ve had the shrimp appetizer which is great and the wonderfully spicy “Camarones a la Diabla” entree, but never just the tacos.

I hate, hate, hate when I get a shrimp taco (somewhere else) and there are like three big shrimps and some cabbage or lettuce or similar nonsense in there. One bite and there goes 1/3 of your filling.

Not El Zocalo’s Shrimp Tacos. They dice those camarones up nice and small for the perfect texture in every bite. Spicy, sweet and loaded with fresh Florida shrimp.

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Sorry I didn’t take any pictures. I was.. well I was a little drunk. Sorry. Maybe next weekend. 🙂

Next Stop: Sanford Avenue Tavern

This is our other new favorite hang-out spot. The owner, Joe Fetch, is quite a character and just about the nicest guy you’re ever likely to meet.

Like a lot of us down here in the (407), he’s a transplant from up north. He’s from New York and a Met’s Fan… and don’t worry because he’ll tell you whether you want to know or not.

It helps that Sanford Ave. Tavern is right next door to El Zocalo, but we’d go there anyways because it’s always just stupid fun.

The well-priced (I hate to say cheap, but they are cheap!) drinks, indoor/outdoor vibe and killer sound system with internet connected jukebox make it a great casual after dinner hang.

I took this epic photo of the sign in front of Sanford Ave. Tavern:

Sanford Avenue Tavern

From what Joe told us, he has some really great plans for the place including expanding the outdoor back porch area as well as some indoor renovations.

We’re looking forward to that, and I’m always happy to see businesses doing well and expanding in downtown Sanford.

We’ll be back to Sanford Ave. Tavern again soon for a drink while listening to every Ratt song ever recorded on the jukebox… because my wife is crazy like that.

Hopefully next time I’ll have kept my wits about me enough to get some better pics. Don’t get your hopes up.

We have some epic #Sanfording days coming up including more Breezeway gigs and a few on the calendar at Fuel BBQ/ The Alley in September. I’ll keep you posted.

Until next time…


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