Sanfording 4

Sanfording #4 – Tacos & Brews

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Sunday Funday in Sanford

Unfortunately due to my gig schedule this past weekend I didn’t get much #Sanfording time in… and it doesn’t look to be much better this week. Hey, I’m not complaining… one day is better than nothing! Not my most action packed article, but I got a few good pics, beers and… TACOS.

Acoustic Inferno played The Breezeway on Sunday (we’re back every Sunday this month). We had a great time as always and got to spend a little time with Celeste’s parents Rick and Jean. It’s hard to believe Rick will be 90 next year! He’s in such great shape and had a few beers with us. Rick and Jean had the always excellent ‘Big Fish’ sandwich from The Breezeway.

Celeste and Rick

Celeste and Rick

It’s hard for us to get up to the Villages to see them since Celeste works all week…. and I’m always gigging on the weekends. They’ve been coming down every few weeks and hanging with us instead at The Breezeway. It’s been great to spend more time with them both.

Monday #Sanfording

In Celeste’s ongoing search for some good Seasonal Pumpkin Beers, we decided to head downtown on Monday. Sanford can be a little on the dead side on Mondays, but we don’t care. I kinda like having some of our favorite places to ourselves.. or at least close to it.

The plan was to get lunch at El Zocalo (TACOS!), and head over to Sanford Brewing Company for another Night Owl Pumpkin Ale or 3.

We met our buddy Dave at El Zocalo and got the day started right with some Tacos! I think I’ve mentioned them in just about every #Sanfording Article, but El Zocalo’s food and service is just outstanding.


Tacos from El Zocalo

I had 2 grilled chicken “Mexican Tacos”, which are basically a Street Style Taco that includes cilantro, onion and meat. They’re small, so I also got some Gringo Style Tacos, Fresh hard shells with ground beef, cheese and lettuce.

Of course we always get some of their homemade hot sauce on the side! It’s really amazing.. and HOT. Dave also had some Gringo Tacos. He’s not very adventurous when it comes to his Tacos but then again, El Zocalo’s ground beef is something of wonder to us.. It’s so damn good.

Luisas Cellar Sanford

Celeste had a grilled chicken Chimichanga. Amazing. El Zocalo’s grilled chicken is the absolute best. Combine that with rice, beans (inside) and smothered with their homemade queso cheese sauce. Yum. If you haven’t been there, check out their website for the complete menu:

Sanford Brewing Company

We were a little dissapointed to find that Sanford Brewing had already sold out of Night Owl Pumpkin Ale, so we had an SBC Oktoberfest which is also fantastic. They also got some really cool new T-Shirts in, so we grabbed a couple while we were there. You can get them on their website too.

Sanford Brewing Company

Sanford Brewing Company

Luisa’s Cellar

Of course we always get sidetracked and change the plan. Heading down Sanford Ave., we stopped into Luisa’s Cellar. This is fast becoming one of our new favorite places. They still didn’t have any new Pumpkin Beers in yet, were sold out of Shipyard Pumpkin, so we had a Cigar City Brewing Ocktoberfest and relaxed out on their patio. Celeste was happy to see they started some Halloween decorating.

Luisas Cellar Patio Sanford

West End Trading Company

I guess it’s too early to find Pumpkin Beers in Sanford, but we thought we’d give it one more shot and try West End Trading Company to see what they had on tap.

No luck, but who can complain with the prices there. We had 2 Lagunitas for $5.50! 2-4-1 during the day. You just can’t beat those prices anywhere in Sanford.

We really like West End because it reminds us of alot of the older dive-type bars (in a good way) we had up in Northeast Ohio. Did I mention how friggin’ cheap the drinks are? It’s almost like stealing.

West End Trading really reminds me of Ray’s, The Loft or even the Venice in downtown Kent, OH. Those staple Kent State University bars were blurry fun in my youth.

Just a great vibe here and always some real characters hanging around too. I been working on my iPhone photgraphy skillz, so heres a few choice shots:

West End Trading Company Sanford

West End Trading Company Sanford

West End Trading Co. Sanford

West End Trading Co. Sanford

New Laptop

This is my first article on my new laptop. I picked up a Macbook Pro on I feel like I got a great deal on a refurbished one and it’s already making me way more productive. People are telling me they really like these #Sanfording articles, so I’ll keep churning them out.

I think it was time to upgrade my 10 year old Mac (lol), but hey it still works!

Got a ton of fun gigs coming up in Sanford and elsewhere.

Acoustic Inferno Gig Schedule for October:

2-Adobe Gila’s Pointe Orlando – 8-11
3-Breeze’s @ Orange Lake Resort 7-11
5-Landshark’s Daytona Beach 5-9
6-Private Wedding Hard Rock Hotel
7-The Breezeway Sanford 1-5
10-Breeze’s @ Orange Lake Resort 7-11
11-Oasis Saloon Sorrento 9-12
12-Trader’s New Smyrna Beach 6-10
13-Fuel BBQ/ The Alley Sanford 4-8
14-The Breezeway 1-5
17-Breeze’s @ Orange Lake Resort 7-11
19-Lake Catherine Blueberries 6-10
20-Lake Catherine Blueberries 6-10
21-The Breezeway 1-5
23-Casselberry’s Patio Lounge 8-12
24-Breeze’s @ Orange Lake Resort 7-11
26-Landshark 5-9
27-The Post Time Patio *debut* 530-930
28-Lake Catherine Blueberries 11-3
30-Adobe Gila’s 8-11

We have a super busy month in October and November. Seems like that’s how it is every year. Things really start to pick up and we’re slammed through the holidays. That’s ok, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Come out and hang with us if you can. Until next time….

Craig & Celeste in Sanford.

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