The 5 Essentials Any Newbie Musician Needs

In Music by Joe Weintraub

Whether you are learning to play an instrument or thinking of doing so, there are a few essentials you will need to get started, perform at your maximum potential, and be consistent. From the instrument to self-motivation and confidence tips, here’s more. 

Carry cases

If you have an instrument or a microphone setup, you will need a carry case. This will allow you to easily transport your goods from your home to where you are going to perform. It will also keep your equipment safe. Whether you are looking for the Best Violin Cases or a box to keep your speakers, there is plenty of reliable goods online that can satisfy your needs.

Smartphone apps

Nowadays, some smartphone apps can give you the same functionality as a recording studio. If you are looking to record your own music but cannot afford to rent a space or an expert setup, you can get a similar result from using your phone. You can also share and promote your music through your phone, using these apps as well as social media. This can help you reach out to experts in the field as well as grow a loyal audience. 

Musician Promotion

Speaking of promotion, you need it too. If you want to be seen and heard within the industry, especially with so many new musicians each year, the promotion will help. Just like you need to give people some way to buy your albums, you need to let them know that they exist in the first place. To do that, you have to promote, promote, promote. Promotion is a necessity, but it’s hard work and you need to be prepared for a huge learning curve. 

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Expert help for promoting

Music publicists and PR agencies are responsible for generating press, both online and offline. They do this for record labels, artists, event promoters, and venue owners. Their services include pushing releases or an artist to online blogs and offline magazines, interviews, feature placements, reviews, and other forms of press. Many big PR agencies also provide radio plugging services.

Time to perform for free

One of the best ways to build up a fan base for you is to get out there and play live as often as you can. But often artists find themselves between a rock and a hard place; to get a gig you need an audience, but to get an audience you need a gig. All newbie musicians will most likely need to perform for free to be seen and heard by new audiences. Whether you volunteer to be a support act, perform at a local space, or out on the streets, it is a great way for audiences to get to know your music. You should always have a sign with your contact information, musician name, and any other information you want to share. You never know when a music scout is going to be present or walk by. This could land you a huge gig and a chance to grow your name and career.