Are You Pursuing Your Passion?

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When you have a passion for something, it consumes you. A passion is more than just an interest. You may like tennis and you may enjoy eating cake, but if you HAVE to partake in music or anything else – if you cannot imagine your life without it and you’d love to dedicate all the time you have to it, then you have a passion!

But, just because you have a passion, it doesn’t mean that you’re giving it your all. Or, dedicating as much time and effort as you’d like to it. Maybe you’re busy with work or life or your family? Maybe you would love to squeeze in more time to play music – or whatever else it is that you love. Let’s take a look.

Telling People About Your Passion

First of all, when you’re interested in something, you may find that it consumes you. If you are so interested in music or you want to spend your life around music, then you may find that you just want to shout it from the rooftops. You may want to connect with others that are interested in music, that play it or perform too – so network, talk to people, and socialize with others that have the same passion as you do.

Attending Events

The next thing that you could look to do here, is to attend events that coincide with your hobby. Do you want to be able to spend a lot of your time pursuing your interests in the evenings or weekends? Maybe you can go to shows or gigs, or attend open mics or different groups? Think about the different musical events that you can attend or aim to perform at, so that you can feel more fulfilled by your passion.

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Writing About It

Maybe you want to think about writing about music? Do you love to write too? Maybe you want to think about writing a blog or a couple of articles? Sometimes, you can connect with music in other ways than just playing it!

Enjoying Your Hobbies

The next thing that you can also do is make sure that you’re pursuing your interests as a hobby. This should be the bottom line of what you’re doing. And if you have no idea what kind of hobbies you would love to pursue, then strip everything back and get back to basics. Work out what you love, look for classes or courses that you can join, and just look to invest as much time as you can into your hobbies.

Building A Career

Finally, you may also want to consider building a career out of your creative passions too. Because if you are really interested in something enough, and you find it enjoyable, why not make some money out of it? Do you want to play gigs or even become a music teacher? Maybe you want to follow another kind of passion in a career? No matter what it is, just consider whether you can make a career out of it.


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