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August 6th Newsletter

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How’s it going in the practice room this week?

Website Updates

First off this week, I’ve spent some time improving the navigation of the website. As the lessons and articles have grown over the past 2 years (thanks to readers like you), things were getting a little cluttered and harder to find.

From the top menu on any page of, you can now navigate to the guitar lessons and topics of your choice. Under the ‘Guitar Blog’ tab, you’ll now see the following choices:

Practice and Technique
Classical Guitar
Interviews and Insights
Reviews and Gear

The Ultimate Picking Exercise

Last week’s massive FREE lesson on alternate picking: The Ultimate Picking Exercise has already gotten over 5000 downloads. Several people have emailed me asking about an easier, less advanced lesson on picking more suitable to beginners and intermediate players. This one is for you…
Alternate Picking 101 – 20 Essential Picking Exercises For Guitarists

Live Gigs This Week

The gigs have been slow… but my live calendar is starting to fill up again (thankfully). Follow me on social media to see some fun, behind the scenes video, live videos, pictures, and other general shenanigans; as I play guitar, skateboard, and mountain bike all over Central Florida.

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Musicians Need Support!

Musicians, like so many professions right now, need your help more than ever. Even just a like or follow on social media is greatly appreciated!

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As always, if you need any guitar help or have questions, just reply to this email.

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