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5 Essential Items for Every Serious Performer

Whether you play Jazz, Post-rock, Indie, or Classical, there are plenty of guides on how to choose the right guitar. However, you may not be so sure of the other essential items of equipment you will need to make sure your performance runs smoothly. Luckily, you can get a rundown on this topic below. 


Regular or special tuning of your guitar can make all the difference to your performance. The good news is that tech has made this task even more manageable with digital tuners. You can get models that not only have a digital visual display but also even clip on to your guitar, something that means you won’t ever lose it, and you don’t need eight arms to tune successfully. 

Of course, if your rehearsal or performance space isn’t as quiet as you would like, you may do better with a digital tuner that has jack inputs and outputs. Then you can be sure that no matter what set-building or back up dancing is going on in the background, you can still accurately tune your guitar ahead of your performance. 

Drum machines 

While a solo guitar can make an impression, you’ll want to give it as much oomph as possible in performance. Of course, for this purpose, many people choose to add some percussion, such as drums. 

Unfortunately, up until now, the major issue with this is that they have sounded pretty robotic. Happily, this is no longer the case, as you can see from this post on where to buy drum machine, you can get equipment that sounds just like a real person is playing. Something that will help to enhance your performance in the best way possible. 


There’s nothing worse than a string going right as you are about to go onstage. Happily, you can avoid this by doing your due diligence and changing your strings regularly. Of course, you can make this process even easier by choosing the best quality string, to begin with. 

In particular, strings that have a nanoweb coating are an excellent choice here. The reason being that they last double or triple the length of non coated ones. Oh, and they feel smooth as anything on your fingers while you are playing as well! 


With social media, it can seem as if everyone and their uncle are accomplished guitar players. It can also appear as if coming up with an original riff, song, or concept is impossible. However, this is genuinely not the case. In fact, with the range of effects pedals that are now on the market, introducing some uniqueness into each performance is entirely possible. 

For example, you may wish to opt for a loop pedal. Something that allows you to lay down a rhythm and play over it as you perform. Alternatively, why not consider a pedal that distorts your playing just enough to create an exciting and original performance?

Guitar rack 

When traveling from venue to venue, you must take good care of your guitar. You’ll also want a way that you can easily access each instrument you need for your performance. That is why investing in a guitar rack is a smart move. The idea is that you can be sure they will be kept stable and safe in any location but are also immediately accessible during your performance. 

I hope you enjoyed this little article. Keep jamming’!